Terms and Conditions & Privacy Policy

Our Guarantee and Terms and Conditions

By checking out you agree to the following:

Chapala Gardens only ships high quality strong seedlings. If your seedlings do not arrive in a healthy condition, we will replace or refund the cost of those seedlings at no charge to you, subject to the number of seedlings damaged. When 4 or more seedlings are damaged we will ship replacements, offer a credit on a future order or refund the cost of the damaged seedlings. When 3 or fewer seedlings are damaged, we will offer a credit on a future order or refund the cost of the damaged seedlings. Seedlings are refunded at the rate of $1 each or $2 each for premium seedlings.

Seedlings are shipped via USPS Priority Mail which takes between 1-3 days. It is not a guaranteed delivery service. If seedlings take longer than 3 days to arrive please contact us and we will replace them free of charge. We ship live plants and Chapala Gardens is not responsible for damages caused if you fail to collect them from your mailbox, front porch, the Post Office etc. We highly recommended you periodically track your package so that you can arrange for a timely pick up once it has been delivered. Please double check your shipping address when ordering. Chapala Gardens is not responsible for damages caused because the shipping address is incorrect or the USPS does not deliver to it nor will refunds be given. If we are responsible for an addressing error we will reship your seedlings at no charge to you.

Notifying us of Damaged/Seedlings

On rare occassions seedlings and/or the packaging may be damaged in transit. To notify us of damaged seedlings, please email a picture of the seedlings within 48 hours of receipt to chapalagardens@gmail.com. Please include the name of each seedling and the specific concern (ie broken stem, uprooted from rockwool etc)and the order number. If the box is damaged please include a picture of the damaged box so that we may take the issue up with the USPS. We will respond within 2 business days. Notification via phone or SMS message is not accepted.

Please note: If we are notified of damage after 48 hours, seedling replacements will need to be ordered following our normal seedling ordering procedures.


Unfortunately, some states require certain crops to be inspected, quarantined or treated with harsh pesticides before entering. Because of this, Chapala Gardens will NOT ship these crops to these states. A list of the states with crop restrictions can be found below:

Alabama – Tomato
Alaska – Tomato
Georgia – Tomato
North Carolina – Everything except herbs are restricted.
Pennsylvania – Tomato
South Carolina – Tomato
Tennessee – Tomato
If your seedling selection contains seedlings that we are unable to ship to your state, we reserve the right to substitute those seedlings with another from your selection, at our discretion. If more than 50% of your order contains seedlings we are unable to ship to the shipping address we will contact you. This may result in a a delay in your order. If we are unable to ship the entire order to your location we will refund the order.

Express Processing and/or Express Shipping may be available at an additional charge. Please see information below. We reserve the right to refuse Express Shipping or Processing on any order.

Express Processing

If you ordered after the cutoff times (5pm ET Sunday to ship Monday or 5pm ET Tuesday to ship Wednesday) Express Processing may be available at an additional charge of $10. Please call 352-357-4453 BEFORE selecting the Express Processing option when placing your order. This option will only be available before Noon ET on Mondays and Wednesdays. The $10 fee applies per pack (ie 2 x 20 pack = 2 x $10 Express Processing fees).

Express Shipping

Exress or overnight shipping may be available at an additional charge of $25. It is only available on pack sizes 16-20. Please call 805-636-6774

Privacy Policy

Chapala Gardens takes a proactive approach to user privacy and ensures the necessary steps are taken to protect the privacy of our customers throughout their visiting experience. Chapala Gardens does not store any credit card information.